Shayla Boyd-Gill Helps
Your Audience of Women
Entrepreneurs to Get Motivated,
Get Inspired, and Get Results!

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Shayla Boyd-Gill leaves your audience ready to commit to themselves once and for all.  She is the creator of the
Family Freedom & Affluence movement, Brilliant Legacy Builders and many courses.

Shayla loves to speak to intimate groups of family-centered women entrepreneurs and on large stages with the audience experiencing the same outcome – a shift in mindset and an attitude to get into action!  She brings her truths, humor, personal experiences, and years of proven results to connect with your attendees on many levels.

She has spoken at Playtime Is Over, Black Women Millionaire’s Virtual Salon and Live Experience, Happy B
lack Woman Podcast, Whole Woman Symposium, DYOB Experience and many more platforms.

Shayla will gladly create custom workshops and trainings for your next event to match your theme, if needed.

Here are some sample Keynotes and Workshop Topics:

do you give up your dreams or get a divorce
3 strategies to stand up
for yourself, stand your
marriage and make money
at the same time
family centered women entrepeneurs
Inner secrets from CEOs
that rock in their businesses
and their relationships
from permission to partnership
Three secrets to building
a thriving business without
sacrificing your relationship.
Shayla is the coach I always wanted but could never find. I'm so grateful for the day I said yes to her. Since working with her, she's not only showed me how to fix what was not working but I feel more confident about the direction of my business. If you're looking for a coach who won't give you cookie cutter techniques, who will help you to streamline your business so you can clearly see your cash flow then she is the only coach I'd recommend.
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The Money Freedom Mayen VIP Day experience was great. The session was well organized and enjoyable. I felt Shayla listened to me and provided the guidance and support I needed. I would highly recommend Shayla for anyone who is serious about growing their business.
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Shayla was simply the best thing that happened to me, she was transparent, client focussed and didn't use a one fits all approach for me. She took the time to get to understand how and what was needed to help me to my next level.
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Shayla helped me find my path as a speaker and a coach. She helped clear my blind spots and steer me in the right direction.

She is an amazing coach with a unique ability to identify her client's talents and niche. She provides the knowledge and resources they need to guide them in building income streams.

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